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About ISPC

Electrochlorination is a widely used utility within the Oil & Gas, Power Utility, Desalination and Marine industries, predominantly as an onsite facility to generate the Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution utilised to control marine bio-fouling of seawater systems.

What ISPC has to offer is an independent Technical Consultancy specialising in Electrochlorination Package (ECP) Engineering. The chemistry behind the electrolysis of a saline solution to generate the required NaOCl solution is widely understood and reported in most OEM websites and other literature, how to size and engineer the ECP to meet specification however generally remains embedded in OEM procedures. ISPC therefore is a resource available to those who wish to avail themselves of independent consultation in this area of the technology.

ISPC has been established on the basis of over 20 years’ experience of Fabricating, Commissioning, Project Management, Engineering Management and R&D of ECP’s for internationally renowned OEM’s such as Cumberland Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic (Siemens Water).

ISPC Publications includes:- Electrochlorination Package Engineering Handbook.

ISPC Services include:

  • On line or on site consultancy to customers requirement
  • ECP Technology training, all disciplines
  • ECP P&ID preparation and equipment sizing to PFD stage
  • All related document preparation
  • Advice on equipment and instrument specifications
  • New build, upgrading or refurbishment
  • Hydrogen by-product management
  • Hazardous Area assessments to EN 60079-10
  • Commissioning / Problem resolution
  • Control Philosophies

Computer Aided Design

AllyCAD logoWe are pleased to use AllyCAD Professional CAD Software for our technical drawings and design.

Download AllyCAD HOME here: www.allycad.com



Link to Excel document ECP Outline System Sizing Calculator

An example of the tools utilised to fully optimise an ECP at the design stage.
This tool can be used as a comparison to in-house or suppliers ECP system sizing calculations.

Link to PDF document Triple Tube Electrode Technology

ISPC has now taken initiatives in its endeavour to improve Electrochlorination Technology. Please see the attached details of our Triple Tube Electrode Technology designed to offer both economy of materials, spatial economy of installation and operational benefits compared to the existing industry standard of Twin Concentric Tube Electrode (CTE) self-cleaning seawater electrolysers.

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If you would like ISPC to review your completed sizing sheet, please forward it to us.